We have a wide range of professional skin peels to improve the appearance of the skin by application of a hydroxy acid with a view to exfoliating and promoting skin regeneration. The term peel means to strip off in sheets or scales and the treatment is performed for different purposes:

skin blemishes, acne, pigmentation, open pores, keratosis, skin firming , minor wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and generally speaking any skin imperfection.

To achieve desired outcome you may need few skin peel treatments usually 3 – 5 and the distance between the treatments should be three to four weeks.

The skin post medical chemical peels is :

  • More even in complexion and colour
  • Smoother, brighter
  • Fine and coarse wrinkles decrease
  • There is visible reduction of pigmentation, imperfections and acne spots.

Mesoestetic Skin Peels

Mesoestetic Skin Peels Skin Condition Price
Lactic Peel Stimulates new collagen and elastin fibre formation, ideal for cosmetic treatment of small wrinkles and skin photo-aging. The acid penetrates slowly into the skin without causing irritation. £50 Lactic Acid Peel Skin Clinic London
Mandelic Peel Exfoliating peel for oily, acne prone skin. Mandelic acid is also used to reduce pigmentation or skin whitening. It may be also used on sensitive skin due to its gentle formula. The relatively large molecule size of mandolin acid slows down the penetration through the stratum corner without causing itching or irritation. £50 Mandelic Acid Pell Skin Clinic London
Salicylic Peel Ideal for combating whiteheads, open pores, exfoliates both in pores and skin surface. Salicylic acid is often used in acne treatments with very good results. £50 Salicylic Acid Peel Skin Clinic London
Glicolic Peel Intensive care for skin, anti-aging treatment to reduce wrinkles or expression lines as well as nourish and hydrate. It is also great treatment for open pores and dull skin. £50 Glucolic Acid Peel Skin Clinic London

Medi Derma Skin Peels

Medi Derma Skin Peels Skin Condition Price
Pyruvic Peel medium depth wrinkles, skin firming, inflammatory / non-inflammatory acne, and acne scars £70
Ferulac Peel Protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation, use for photoaging and sunspots. £70
Azelac RU Peel acne, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, photo ageing £70
Melaspeel hyper pigmentation £70
SPA Peel acne, skin lightening £70
Mandelac T Peel under eye dark circles £70
Yellow Peel photoaging, hyper pigmentation, open pores
”new skin in just 5 days”