What is needle free Mesotherapy London by TMT System ?

TMT System Mesotehrapy is revolutionary device based on electrophoroporation (combination of electroporation and electrophoresis) technology enabling ingredients to penetrate the skin without the need for needles. Mesotherapy TMT System is completely safe and painless.

How does electrophoroporation work?

Electroporation – consists of applying electrical micro pulses on cells and tissues causing the opening of micro-pores of the skin enabling ingredients to penetrate

Electrophoresis – increases penetration of ingredients via hair follicles and sweat glands thanks to the application of continuous micro-current

Is needle free mesotherapy treatment effective?

Results are visible from the very first session, with approximately 6 – 10 session required to complete the treatment.

All this guaranteed by the experience confidence and quality of the medical cosmetics formulated by Mesoestetic laboratories.

For the first time the dermis has been accessed without using needles or surgery.

Try one of our special offers:

Program 1: Anticellulite program – anti cellulite treatment – reduces appearance of cellulite

Program 2: Located anicellulite – stronger form to reduces appearance of cellulite

Program 3: Antistretch marks reduction

Program 4: Antiflaccidy – skin firming and lifting

Program 5: Anti aging – advanced pharmaceutical cocktail with Hyaluronic acid, hydrating treatment – reducing wrinkles

Program 6: Post Solar – regenerating and deep skin hydrating

Program 7: Melanogel – depigmentation treatments, reduces pigmentation

Program 8: Couperend – anti redness, rosacea treatment

Program 9: Tricology – hairloss treatment