Voted No 1 for pigmentation

Cosmelan treatment reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes of melanic origin, increasing skin luminosity and skin tone.

Cosmelan – is suitable for all skin types with a very high safety margin. Cosmelan depigmentation treatment action mechanism is based on the inhibition of tyronase, a basic enzyme in the formation process of melanin. Several of the substances present in the Cosmelan formula act by blocking this enzyme or even by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain.

Cosmelan involves a very versatile, dynamic process which is easily adapted to the needs of each individual patient and offers a series of major advantages and benefits compared with other types of depigmentation products found on the market:

  • Very efficient in all types of melasma
  • Rapid and easy depigmentation action
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Peeling effect
  • Rejuvenation and luminosity of the skin
  • Treatment can start and be used all year round
  • Very effective for acne patients. Good for acne scars.
  • No TCA
  • High safety margin

One week after starting the Cosmelan depigmentation treatment, a significant improvement of the skin is observed. The reduction of the treated blemish is detected and the appearance of new luminous and rejuvenated skin is present. In 99% of the cases the disappearance of the pigmented blemish improves by 95%.